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Check Engine Light On?

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Oil Changes in Frederick MDA little warning light in your dash that says “check engine”, or “service engine soon” has just come on. Why? This light is a malfunction indicator light that comes on when the computer in your car sees a problem with the emissions control systems. The emission control system is what your car uses to keep our air cleaner. To do this, it employs dozens of sensors, valves, flaps, heated wires and many other overly complicated devices all of which are integrated into your cars on-board computer system to make sure everything is working properly. A problem with any system that the cars computer monitors, using all those sensors and valves, will cause the check engine light to come on. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap or something much more complex. Not everything that turns the light on is major but, keep in mind, the longer you wait the more time a minor issue has to become a bigger problem down the road.

Diagnosing your Check Engine Light

Full Service Car Repair- Check Engine- Frederick MDSo how can “Carriage House Automotive” help you with it? Starting in the early nineties, all cars built for sale in the United States were required to provide a diagnostic connector that allows access to the cars onboard diagnostic computer. Using a scan tool (another computer) we can access the information stored in your card diagnostic system computer. This information comes in the form of fault codes. These fault codes usually don’t tell you exactly what is wrong, but provide enough information so that a trained and qualified technician can troubleshoot from point to point and identify the problem. At “Carriage House Automotive” we utilize the latest technology, training, and equipment to determine which system, or systems are malfunctioning in your car. This allows us to efficiently identify your vehicles problem saving you time and guess work. Once we know what’s wrong we let you know our findings and work with you to resolve and repair the issue. So no matter the reason, big or small, bring your car and let us take a look. We will keep you informed every step of the way while working with you to extend the life of your automobile.

“Free!” Check Engine Light Diagnosis?

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Don’t be fooled by this claim. You might see signs making this claim all over parts store windows and national transmission repair chains but what are you really getting?  Only a code reader hooked up to your car and the fault codes downloaded. This rarely tells you what is wrong. A fault code is only the first step to a correct diagnosis and repair. A trained technician still needs to analyze scan too data, follow troubleshooting charts, and test the faulty system to determine where the problem is. Anything else is just guess work at your expense. Remember, those parts stores are in the business of selling parts, not troubleshooting. They will always have a part to throw at your problem. Here at “Carriage House Automotive” we have the right equipment, ASE and Bosch Certified Master Technicians, the knowledge, and everything else needed to troubleshoot your check engine light.

Ignoring your cars check engine light can lead to problems that could have been avoided if repairs had been made sooner.  Contact Carriage House Automotive to arrange a diagnosis of your vehicles check engine light, or for any other Frederick, MD auto repair or service. Carriage House Automotive is excited to have been voted as Frederick’s Best Auto Repair service for 2012, 2013, 2014, and one of the best in 2010, 2011. We really are ready to “Service everything your car needs.”

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