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Blade Replacement and MD State Inspections

Wiper Blade Replacement in Frederick MDThe job of the wiper blade is to clean the windshield and allow proper visibility on demand. Wiper blades are made of rubber and exposed to the outside weather. Although rubber is a somewhat durable material, its chemical compound changes rapidly in either extreme heat or cold. It can quickly deteriorate under such conditions. Many car owners disregard the task of the wiper blade until it’s not performing to the standards of its expectations.

Most all wiper blade manufacturers recommend replacing them at least once a year. Some recommend every six months. Regardless, the blades should be inspected at the start of each season–most importantly winter and summer. Winter weather wreaks havoc on visibility to begin with and a weak blade is going to fail on you. Summer rain storms can be intense, and if a wiper blade cannot keep up with the amount of water falling, the safety of your driving is going to be scrutinized.

For your safety, the wiper blades should be changed during the autumn or late autumn season. This will give you a brand new blade to battle winter months with. They should be inspected after winter and or replaced again in late spring for the summer months if desired or necessary.

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